Judge George Jacobs

1. Appeal of a civil case from a final judgment of the trial court. (Including appellate division of District Court). (2)

2. Interlocutory appeal of a civil matter to an Appellate Court.

3. Superior Court - Jury & jury waived trials and review of administrative procedures. (2)

4. District & Municipal Courts - Civil Action (Including removal proceedings). (2)

5. Juvenile Court - Care & Protection and adoption proceedings. (2)

6. Land Court - Confirmation of Title and Registered Land.

7. Land Development - Variances, special permits, site planning & planning board procedures. (2)

8. Housing Court - Summary process (Eviction proceedings).

9. Probate Court - Domestic relations actions. (2)

10. Probate Court - Estates, guardians and conservators.

11. Probate Court - Paternity & Child Support enforcement proceedings.

12. Transfer-from Superior Court to District Court and retransfer to Superior Court.

13. Restraining orders and injunctions.

14. Disciplinary proceedings against attorneys and judges.

15. Proceedings before Mass. Commission Against Discrimination.

16. Workers Compensation claims.

17. Claims before Dept. of Employment Security.

18. Claims before commissioner of Revenue & Appellate Tax Board.

19. Arbitration & enforcement of arbitration awards.

20. Debt collection and execution of judgments.

21. Summary Judgment and Declaratory Judgment.

22. Hazardous Material proceedings - G. L. c. 21E

23. G. L. c. 209A proceedings - Abuse prevention.

24. Children with Special Needs - G. L. c. 71B Bureau of Special Education Procedure & Appeals.

25. Consumer Protection - G. L. c. 93A.

26. Civil Service Law - G. L. c. 31.

27. Retirement & Disability Proceedings & Appeals.

28. Mortgage Foreclosure Proceedings.


AAA - American Arbitration Association
ATB - Appellate Tax Board
BBO - Board of Bar Overseers
BSEA - Bureau of Special Education Appeals
CCDA - [Massachusetts] Consumer Cost Disclosure Act
CMR - Code of Massachusetts Regulations
CRAB - Contributory Retirement Appeal Board
CSC - Civil Service Commission
DALA - Division of Administrative Law Appeals
DES - Department of Environmental Safety
DET - Division of Employment and Training
DIA - Department of Industrial Accidents
DOE - Department of Education
DOR - Department of Revenue
DOR/CSE - Department of Revenue/Child Support Enforcement Division
DSS - Department of Social Services
FAPE - Free appropriate public education
FTC - Federal Trade Commission
IAB - Industrial Accident Board
IDEA - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IEP - Individualized Education Plan
IV-D - Title IV, Part D of Social Security Act (DOR enforcement arm for child support)
LSP - Licensed Site Professionals
MCA - Massachusetts Conveyancers Act
MCAD - Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination
MCCJA - Massachusetts Child Custody Jurisdiction Act
MCLE - Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education
MTCA - Massachusetts Tort Claim Act
NIA - Notice of Intent to assess
PERAC - Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission
TILA - Truth-in-Lending Act
UAB - Uniform Arbitration Act
UCCA - Uniform Child Custody Act
UI - Unemployment insurance
ZBA - Zoning Board of Appeals

DMRAppDP - District/Municipal Court Rules for Appellate Division Procedure
MGL - Massachusetts General Laws
MGLA - Massachusetts General Laws Annotated
MRAppP - Massachusetts Rules of Appellate Procedure
MRCivP - Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure
MRDRP - Massachusetts Rules of Domestic Relations Procedure
MRPR - Massachusetts Rules of Professional Responsibility
SRPC - Supplemental Rules of Probate Court